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Latest Boat Movements

  • Boat 'Lillyanne' arrived at Radford Pipe Bridge on the Grand Union Canal, Warwick and Napton Canal (2 hours ago).
  • Boat 'Beefur' arrived at Little Onn Bridge No 24 on the Shropshire Union Canal, Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal (4 hours ago).
  • Boat 'Begriffsschiff' arrived at Burghfield on the River Kennet, (4 hours ago).
  • Boat 'countess' arrived at Alvecote Marina on the Coventry Canal, Main Line (6 hours ago).
  • Boat 'Brandy Pad' arrived at M53 Sliproad Bridge on the Shropshire Union Canal, Wirral Line (6 hours ago).
  • Boat 'Moonshine (Wican Dreams)' arrived at Stoke Golding Moorings on the Ashby Canal, (navigable) (8 hours ago).

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Inland Waterway Maps


Zoom, pan & searchable inland waterway maps.

  • Realtime boat positions
  • Graphical route planning
  • Bridges
  • Locks
  • Winding holes

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Navvygator - GPS


Navvygator is a standalone GPS satellite navigation (sat nav) designed for inland boating.

It uses the detailed maps from Water Explorer to provide a real time, fully automatic mapping and journey recording system - and it's free!

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Journey Recording


Water Explorer can record your boat journeys and turn these into maps as well as recording hours and distance travelled for a log book.

This is done automatically if you use Navvygator.

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