Web Site Frequently Asked Questions

This page describes common questions users have asked about this site.

Real Time Location vs Recorded Location

Some confusion exists over the difference between the realtime and recorded journey locations. Realtime locations are considered temporary by the web site, and only appear on the map for a short period of time (typically 24-48 hours), they serve no purpose other than to let people know where you are whilst on the move. Realtime locations are created automatically by the Navvygator software as your boat moves (assuming a 3G connection to the Internet is available). Realtime locations are not possible using either the manual recording or GPX upload functions.

Once you have finished your journey in Navvygator, the recording will be uploaded to this website and will then be shown in the various 'My Journey' pages along with the statistics for the journey. The map will then show your location based on the latest recorded journey rather than real time position.